After five years spent as a sub-distributor of Samsung's range of printer consumables and Verbatim's range of storage media, ACT has secured full distributor status with both these vendors.

ACT's MD, Anton Herbst says that the upgraded status the company has achieved is not just testimony to the inroads it has made into the market, but also the strong potential the brands see in the company's reach going forward.
"One example of this is the potential Verbatim and Samsung see in the retail environment, where ACT has formed valuable relationships with the leading players and built strong competencies in servicing their needs," he says.
Herbst says that ACT has not only done a great deal of work to ensure it can supply stock to retailers in the manner they require, such as fitting in with their demand cycles; but that the company has built expertise in the merchandising of stock so that retailers can simultaneously make efficient use of limited shelf-space and ensure products are more enticing to consumers.
As a result of ACT's upgraded status, Herbst says that the company has also gained access to a wider range of products.
"We are particularly excited about the range of flash-based portable drives and more traditional external hard-disk solutions in the Verbatim stable. We believe this makes us more competitive and affords us an opportunity to increase our penetration into the retail and traditional reseller segments.
"We are looking forward to a building an even stronger relationship with these vendors and driving their products into avenues they previously weren't able to reach," he says.