Integr8IT and Anamazing Workshop are the two South African finalists for the 2008 Legatum Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Awards. They have been selected, along with eight other African SMEs, from a total of more than 1 400 submissions.

Legatum is a privately owned international investment group and the awards are made in collaboration with the OTF Group and the SEVen Fund (Social Equity
Venture Fund).
Alan McCormick, MD of Legatum, comments: "After an exhaustive review process we have now identified some of the most talented entrepreneurs in Africa. They represent a new generation of business owners who have demonstrated the qualities of ingenuity, a commitment to business excellence, innovation and – importantly – profitability.
"It is our expectation that many of these businesses will go on to find much greater success in the future."
He says the Legatum Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Award is one of the only awards of its kind that identifies and recognises "the very best business leaders
in Africa who also serve as role models to talented young people across the continent".
The 10 finalists represent a variety of businesses from seven African countries. They are:
* Athena Foods, an agri-business from Ghana;
* AAR Health from Kenya;
* Regional Reach K24TV KAMEME FM, an IT and communications business from Kenya;
* United Africa Group, a financial services company from Namibia;
* Superflux International, a manufacturing business from Nigeria;
* Gahaya Links, a wholesale trade firm from Rwanda;
* Anamazing Workshop, a media organisation from South Africa;
* Integr8IT, an IT and communications company from South Africa;
* Africa Polysack Industries, a manufacturing company from Uganda; and
* Safi Cleaning Services from Uganda.
A total of USD $350 000.00 will be awarded to six winners during the award ceremony next week in Kigali, with the funds directed towards growth and strategic re-investment in the businesses.