SAP Africa has announced the successful roll-out of the SAP Referral programme to its ecosystem in South Africa and will pay out as much as 5% of a deal's software value.

The SAP Referral Program is designed as a unified, consistent referral programme that will reward referrals from both SAP partners and non-partners in the small business and midsize companies' market segment.
The new sales programme is ideally suited for value-added resellers (VARs), solution resellers (SRs) and independent software vendors (ISV) who may or may not currently be authorised SAP channel partners, as well as alliance partners, technology and business consultants, accountancy practices and ecosystems of companies working with SAP. For these companies, the programme could be the first step in a long-term partnership with SAP.
The SAP Referral programme was globally launched in April this year and has since its introduction been adopted by several key markets. It has been successful so far, with more than 922 companies worldwide in the IT and SAP environment having signed up to participate.
Referral members are rewarded when a deal is closed; in general, 5% of the deal's net software license value is paid as a closing reward.
The programme is easily accessible and requires only a one-time online registration. Once registered, members can securely enter the programme through a dedicated referral member portal.