AMD has announced the new AMD FireStream 9270 compute accelerator and the latest version of its free and open ATI Stream Software Development Kit (SDK), version 1.3.

Both are designed to help researchers, technical professionals and IT organisations use mainstream computing platforms to address challenges that once would have required multi-million-dollar investments in proprietary hardware and software.
The announcements also advance the company's corporate brand and strategy, called Fusion, by further enabling AMD graphics processors (GPUs) to work in concert with CPUs to deliver balanced platforms capable of increasing performance, energy-efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
"The demands of the high-performance datacentre are intense, with dramatic increases in problem complexity and size every year," says Imi Mosaheb, general country manager at AMD South Africa. "Customers need to achieve ever higher performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar in order to address these problems with the same infrastructures.
"The AMD FireStream 9270 compute accelerator was designed to address all of these concerns and more. Delivering two times the double-precision floating point performance of competing offerings, and armed with 2GB of ultra-fast, ultra-high bandwidth memory, the AMD FireStream 9270 is the ideal solution for dramatically accelerating technical applications."
The AMD FireStream 9270 delivers supercomputing-class performance, deployable in a wide variety of server and workstation configurations. It has a typical board power requirement of only 160 watts, yet provides over 1.2 teraFLOPS of single-point precision performance – the most available in a single-GPU solution today – and over 240 gigaFLOPS of double-point precision performance.  It includes two gigabytes of Graphics Double Data Rate, version 5 memory (GDDR5) for greater overall data throughput and processing of larger data-sets.  It comes with a three-year limited warranty.
AMD is working with leading system and software developers to help ensure broad availability of GPU accelerated end-solutions for a wide range of uses. One such company is Aprius, which develops high bandwidth server interconnect systems that bring new levels of scaling, resource sharing and low-latency performance to the data centre.