Internet Solutions (IS) is offering IS Preserv8 via its application solutions division. The mail management service is cloud-based so it resides centrally within the IS data centres, upstream of the customer's network.

The service is billed on a usage basis from R85.00 per user per month.
Hayden Lamberti, manager of IS applications solutions, says: "E-mail has become so business critical that email management now extends much further than e-mail content security.
"To effectively manage e-mail, we now need to look as issues such as disaster recovery and business continuity, e-mail branding, business intelligence and, most importantly, e-mail retention and archiving to enable company compliance."
IS Preserv8 is, at its core, an e-mail archiving solution, designed to retain and store e-mail with the ability to search and restore specific or all email at either an administrator level across the entire organisation or at an individual level across a user's own email.
However, it also enables a full-house of e-mail management features which can all be controlled at an active directory (AD) group level, enabling seamless management and control.
IS Preserv8 incorporates IronPort anti-spam and anti-virus infrastructure from Cisco as well as a Mail Marshall-based detailed content filtering and control system.