While the launch of WiMax has been eagerly awaited, Neotel cautions that it should be seen as part of a range of solutions rather than a silver bullet for connectivity.

"It is important to remember that both wireless and wireline technologies are built on sound principles and they both have a set of benefits in their own right," says Stefano Mattiello, executive head of enterprise group at Neotel. "Neither technology can be overlooked which is why Neotel incorporates both in its service offering."
Neotel is currently in the process of rolling out its fibre network, which will offer the customer access to multiplay services – voice, data and Onternet over one high bandwidth network.
"The benefit of this to the customer is faster deployment, more bandwidth and a fully scalable service to meet their requirements – even when their needs change," explains Mattiello.
The fibre network offers users unlimited bandwidth as well as both Ethernet and serial interface capabilities.
In conjunction with the fibre network, Neotel deploys WiMax 802.16d as a last-mile access circuit option.
"By deploying WiMax, we are able to connect customers in a lesser time frame than the optical fiber installation times," adds Mattiello.
Further benefits of WiMax include its portability and scalability and when required, the technology can move with the customer fairly easily as no road trenching needs to take place.
"The wireless access technologies will be provided from base stations that are backhauled or underpinned by Neotel's fiber network and not other wireless networks therefore eliminating potential bottle-necks," he says.
Mattiello believes that this approach is truly changing the dynamics of the industry as it incorporates the best of both technologies allowing Neotel to provide quick accessibility to services and the ability to increase scalability when required.
"Where one technology falls short, the other excels," Mattiello says.