Orion Telecom is warning users to beware of some unlicensed wireless operators who may be offering sub-standard services.

Wireless technology has been seen as a quick and cost-effective connectivity alternative to more mainstream technologies, says Orion Telecoms MD Jacques du Toit – however, even this has its drawbacks.
He says that, because wireless technology operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 5.9 GHz bands, it effectively means that the barrier to entry for players is far lower than it would be in competing technologies.
"In other words, virtually anyone who feels like it can play in this space, which means that there are many unskilled operators offering clients all sorts of deals that they can't deliver on, and because of the sheer number of service providers, it becomes difficult for a customer to sort the wheat from the chaff," he says.
"I think the technology itself has now picked up something of a bad reputation because of these unscrupulous players, with many users failing to realise that it is not the technology's fault, but rather the fact that there are providers out there who do not have the skills to make it effective."
He says that it is for this reason that Orion urges companies to stick with a recognised licensed wireless service provider, who will have the technicians to support them and the skills to back this up.
"Another reason for using a recognised licensed provider is that the regulatory scenario is still in a state of flux, and these players will always be up to date in regards to any regulatory changes or decisions, because compliance is a key issue for them."