The jury is still out on the state of employment with the IT industry as some companies reduce or cancel projects, but one recruiter is taking a positive view, saying there are still very few jobs cuts being seen in the IT industry.

Karen Geldenhuys, MD of Abacus Recruitment, says that her company does not see any major job cuts looming in the IT industry. "We are seeing a lot of cutbacks at different non-IT companies – and even projects that are not going through – but not in IT," she says.
"There are a lot of doomsayers out there and one can understand, because times are tough. But as things get tougher there is an ever higher demand for good IT people. Companies want IT people now to redesign systems and production lines to boost efficiencies," she says.
"They are also needing to bring in new systems that are able to handle the cutbacks or to strategize and change so that they can make at least some profit – even after the cutbacks or lower production.
"My belief is that even in a recession people with great IT skills are still in demand – and can still demand the salary they want. In fact, people with top IT skills will always be in demand," she adds.