iBurst will give its iCall voice subscribers a welcome Christmas gift – they won't have to pay for their subscriptions for the next two months.

The company has launched an end-of-year iCall VoIP special whereby all new and existing iCall voice subscribers will receive their iCall subscription free of charge for the months of December 2008 and January 2009.
They will also receive R50.00 worth of free calls for each month.
"We're sure new subscribers, in particular, are going to love the unlimited free iCall to iCall calls and the fact that iCall is up to 60% cheaper than traditional landlines when calling overseas," says Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.
iBurst will only start charging for the service from February 2009 – but subscribers can opt out of the iCall service at any time.
Existing iBurst subscribers who are not yet subscribed to iCall can sign up for this service on the iBurst website. Also on the website is a downloadable soft phone which allows iCall users to make telephone calls using a virtual keypad on their PC or laptop.
iCall subscribers require no telephone line. With iCall, it is cheaper to call a landline number overseas than it is to call Cape Town from Johannesburg from a traditional landline. Substantial savings can also be realised by subscribers using the service within the borders of South Africa.