Preserv8, the Software plus Services e-mail archiving system, is breaking new ground in global markets.

The solution has been globally certified by Microsoft and has led to the establishment of the UK-based Preserv8 and Preserv8 South Africa.
Deon Robertson, Group CEO, says the newly formed local entity is entirely owned by the Preserv8 Limited holding company and the reason for the introduction of this business structure and model is to ensure systems are in place to manage early levels of success already achieved by the solution.
"We have always known we had a very powerful offering in Preserv8 and the extent to which local and international businesses have adopted the technology service, in such a short period of time, demonstrates the value proposition," says Robertson.
"It is addressing a critical requirement across global markets. The growth factor and the need to streamline international operations necessitated the launch of two new corporate entities," he adds.
According to Robertson, the impact of corporate governance and compliance with e-mail archiving legislation and regulation are critical drivers of the market. He also says that there is now intense focus on the adequate and secure management of e-mail as a form of intellectual property.
"Corporate information has to be protected from compromise and retained according to regulatory requirements. Email often contains intellectual property and therefore the management thereof is considered critical to the success of the business. Electronic information, particularly electronic email needs to be readily available for general business use, audits or legal discovery.
"Most companies that have implemented systems are focused on internal archiving or simple backups that reside internal to their infrastructure. Infrastructure is normally the key driver versus availability or regulatory compliance and this normally results in a sub-optimal system.
"Onsite storage is normally insufficient, inefficient and not geared to handle email growth and simultaneously satisfy requirement for email availability, retention and content-based retrieval," he explains.
Preserv8T is designed to provide an innovative dimension to unified e-mail management and places a company straight in front of the optimization curve.
"Residing on the Tier one Internet backbone in secure data centres around the globe, Preserv8 protects, sanitises, captures, brands and archives all inbound and outbound e-mail while in transit," Robertson adds.