Spescom has won two awards – Best Managed Company in the ICT Sector and Best Practice in Taking South Africa to the World – from CRF SA, which conducts annual research for its 2008 "South Africa's Leading Managers" publication.

CRF SA and "South Africa's Leading Managers" research a cross-section of participating companies' leaders, or executive management teams, using a research questionnaire titled The Leadership Benchmark. The research spans financial performance, management style, markets and culture to identify the leading managers in the country each year. This information is then published in the 2008/9 edition of SA's Leading Managers, published this month (December 2008).
Jene Palmer, CEO of Spescom, comments: "This award is welcome recognition of the considerable effort we have made to refine the vision and focus of the organisation over the past two years. It's a reflection of the dedication and leadership of Spescom's managers and staff, but also of our confidence in the delivery of innovative new solutions that meet real business needs in a fast changing communications realm."
Samantha Crous, GM of CRF South Africa, adds: "South Africa's Leading Managers is a title that is in its fifth edition. It showcases high perfoming companies under sound, robust leadership – leadership that will take South African business into the future."
To determine the Best Managed Company ranking by industry, the survey looked at the alignment of management strategy with operations and the success achieved as indicated by the company's financial records. The Best Practice awards looked at companies' commitment to different best practices.