As voice over IP (VoIP) telephony gains in popularity in South Africa, MWeb Business has launched the first online directory of 087 VoIP numbers in the country enabling companies and consumers to easily find the numbers of businesses or individuals they are looking for.

The company says that the initial version of the directory includes all 087 numbers held by MWeb Business clients, but will soon be expanded to a national listing, containing all 087 numbers held throughout South Africa.
Herman Jansen van Rensburg, head of Product Development and Management at MWeb Business, says that until now there has been no central database of 087 numbers in use, as the numbers are spread out across several VoIP providers including MWeb, Internet Solutions, Vox Telecom and others.
“The new 087 Directory is available at and is searchable by number, client or business name," Jansen van Rensburg says. "MWeb will manage the additions of all 087 numbers into this database and we are working with other VoIP providers to make this as comprehensive a catalogue as possible.”
Calls between 087 numbers are generally much cheaper than calls between landlines and, in some instances, for example, between two MWeb clients, the calls are free.
Jansen van Rensburg adds that the directory was also a great marketing tool for companies, and listing on the directory would be offered free of charge.