Nokia Siemens Networks has emerged as the clear market leader in the WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) deployment of 40 Gigabit per second (40G).

According to the new Ovum report "Global 40G/100G market update", the company enjoys a 35% market share – a full 12 percentage points ahead of the
nearest competitor.
Nokia Siemens Networks pioneered 40G in both research and implementation. The company started 40G research in the 1990s and, over the past decade, has
delivered an impressive list of trials which were all industry firsts. It also was the first vendor to undertake a mass roll-out of optical 40G technology as early as 2006. Ovum finds that Nokia Siemens Networks is now reaping the rewards for the early start in the technology.
The market for optical communication in the 40G field will be ready for mass deployment in 2009, Ovum predicts, and expected to reach a total volume of $600-million. The analyst projects that by 2013 this market is expected to almost triple.