Just one hour of computer downtime can cost companies millions of rand.

This is according to Olivier Delepine, sales and operations services manager for Africa at APC by Schneider Electric, who adds: "In tough financial times like these, no one can afford this.
"Organisations that rely on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to protect critical applications should be aware of the fact that the reliability of their UPSes is greatly boosted with the proper services."
According to Delepine, both random and identifiable threats can affect the availability and workability of systems. While identifiable incidents can be addressed through proactive preventive service programmes, random events require reactive services that provide quick response.
"Ensure that your equipment gets the care it needs to operate efficiently and without interruption. Proper care and regular maintenance will save you headaches, time and money as well as prolong the life of your equipment," he ads.
As insurance for total peace of mind, customers should:
* Receive expert services as a priority;
* Benefit from guaranteed and adapted on-site response times;
* Have privileged access to service support;
* Benefit from a 24 hour emergency helpline; and
* Have access to genuine parts.
In addition, Delepine stresses the need for a cost effective programme to improve investment efficiency including regular preventative maintenance.
"This should improve effectiveness of the system and kill downtime, while extending the life of the equipment. Companies must insist on professional expertise that delivers outstanding services in order to reduce the mean time to repair and save costs to get immediate return on investment," he says.