Adobe Systems has announced an extended collaboration with SAP to help enterprises around the globe build richer business applications.

In its latest enhancement to the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, SAP plans to enable developers to use Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex components with the Web Dynpro environment to add data visualisation within SAP applications, helping customers to maximize business agility.
By incorporating key elements of the Adobe Flash Platform into its enterprise solutions, SAP intends to give customers a competitive edge with highly interactive and expressive user interface capabilities that improve productivity and enable faster decision-making.
"By integrating Adobe's well-established tools for developing application interfaces with the power of Web Dynpro, SAP will be taking a leading role in creating business applications that maximise business agility and empower workers to effectively navigate processes and information," says Sanjay Katyal, vice-president: Global Ecosystem & Partner Group at SAP.
"Our continued cooperation with Adobe underscores SAP's commitment to our ecosystem strategy, where we are bringing added value to customers through better collaboration with partners. With this integration of solutions, SAP plans to deliver more user-friendly applications to knowledge workers and reduce the amount of time it takes to collect, analyse and process information."
Web Dynpro is the user interface development standard for all SAP internal development to create and extend enterprise applications. Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex components for use with Web Dynpro enables SAP developers to enhance applications either with pre-built Flex components or with their own components developed using Adobe Flex Builder. The results are rich and engaging Web-based experiences, where information is easily understood and content is dynamically displayed.
"Enabling SAP developers to utilise the Adobe Flash Platform opens up enormous possibilities for the future of today's core enterprise business applications," says David Wadhwani, GM and vice- president of the Platform Business Unit at Adobe. "We are excited to be working with SAP to enable companies around the globe to improve the user experience and accelerate decision making based on critical business data."
The expanded collaboration is part of a broader cooperation with SAP and builds on Adobe's reach to enterprise developers and customers. Today, the SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe has been acquired by over 1 000 SAP customers worldwide to accelerate adoption and improve productivity of forms-based processes in SAP applications. Further, Adobe Flex is integrated with the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer tool, used to create rich and engaging user experiences.
The Adobe Flash Platform enables enterprise application developers to rapidly design and develop compelling Web applications that run consistently across operating systems and browsers. The rich data visualisation capabilities of the platform allow the creation of powerful decision support applications, processing high volumes of data.
Multi-step business process applications can be streamlined into a single page experience that increases usability and throughput. With its consistent runtime capability and over 98% penetration of Internet-enabled desktops around the globe, Adobe Flash Player lowers the costs associated with software maintenance and upgrades.