Lenovo is to provide notebook and desktop PCs to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team, both at the race track and at the team’s headquarters.

Lenovo engineers and technology specialists have already begun to specify the mobile wireless computing technology required by the Formula 1 race team as well as the fast and demanding desktop computing needs of the pit garage and pit wall battle-stations.
Lenovo technology is being integrated into the heart of the team as it travels the world on the Formula 1 calendar.
Martin Whitmarsh, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes CEO Formula 1, says: “Both Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Lenovo are committed to the competitive advantages from exceptional engineering. We are looking forward to the significant technology contribution that Lenovo will provide through its notebooks and desktop computer solutions.”
The partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes provides a highly visible demonstration of Lenovo’s exceptional engineering as the corporation strengthens its position in the global marketplace. Lenovo is a leader in the technology race for fast, reliable and wireless computing power.
“Vodafone McLaren Mercedes performs at the highest level in Formula 1 and integrates PC technology into every aspect of its car design, development and racing –- as well as its business operations," says Deepak Advani, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for Lenovo. "Lenovo has an excellent heritage of computing performance and reliability in complex, high-profile, global events –- such as the Olympic Games –- and we look forward to making a significant contribution to the team."
Formula 1 teams have long been pioneering users of high-speed computer technology, using trackside PCs to perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from starting the cars through to the complex analysis of thousands of data points transmitted from the cars to the pits during the races. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes also supplies statisticians and engineers back in the UK with real-time race data from anywhere in the world. Such a complex operation provides an excellent platform for showcasing personal computing technologies that highlight innovation, reliability and performance.