Datacraft, a member of the Dimension Data Group has sold over 1-million IP phones worldwide. It marked the occasion by presenting Cognizant, one of its largest clients in India, with a prototype of the IP phone.

R Chandrasekaran, president and MD of Cognizant, comments: “By integrating telephony with an organisation’s IP network through the use of digital, packet-based telephone systems, VoIP spells increased efficiency. Well beyond the monetary savings on local, long distance and international calls, its benefits also encompass improved ease, quality, effectiveness and portability of communication.
"This rapidly evolving technology also provides for increased functionality such as unified messaging, corporate directories and other portal services. Its cost proposition and geographical flexibility hold immense value for organisations operating globally.”
Sunil Manglore, CEO of Datacraft India, adds: “Our partnership with Cisco has played a pivotal role in enabling us to achieve these levels of sales, and we’re in a position to adopt and participate in every new technology from the onset. Going to market with this level of experience and familiarity makes us an obvious choice for enterprises looking to leverage the advantages that this technology affords.
"The adoption of the new-tech-enabled converged communication by Indian companies will add as an advantage in the global scenario. In Asia alone, Datacraft has already deployed close to a quarter-of-a-million IP phones for our clients.”