A new industry body, the South African Information & Communication Technology Association (SAICTA), has been established to act as a forum of all the ICT lobby groups, distributors, retailers and professionals in the country. 

The association has a mandate the face up to, and co-ordinate, the many challenges the ICT industry is confronted with. SAICTA will use the ICT Charter as the backbone of its constitution.
SAICTA will be formally launched in February 2009.
It is intended that SAICTA members be able to interact to promote their interests and the interests of current and future stakeholders in the ICT industry.
SAICTA will engage the following entities for intervention:
* SITA (State IT Agency): challenging procurement, regulatory and mandate issues in relation to business between government departments and the broader ICT industry.
* ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of SA): challenging regulatory and monitoring issues in relation to the ICT industry.
* DoC (Department of Communications): challenging regulatory and standards issues for example the Broadcasting and Telecommunication regulatory, standards and monitoring issues versus 2010 business approach and implementation strategies.
* DPSA: challenging procurement policy issues.
* ICT Charter: challenging the review of the working and draft documents in line with a new dispensation mandate and to encourage broader industry participation.
The main objectives of SAICTA are:
* To liaise and negotiate with government and other interested parties in order to maintain an environment conducive to the business of the company and its members.
* To communicate with government, the general public, business, fellow organisations in ICT and other opinion-makers on matters affecting the industry.
* To introduce and maintain self-regulatory mechanisms deemed necessary to protect stakeholder interests and promote responsible business practices.
* To ensure that the expertise within its membership is optimally utilised through the appointment of committees of experts to advise on particular issues.
* To attract members of the ICT industry, and to represent its members in the promotion and advancement of their interests within the ICT industry.