A humanitarian effort to fight world hunger, protect endangered species and counter global warming has been sidelined for the holidays, and beyond – because of a legal challenge filed by Apple.  

The online game Glupod was scheduled to debut November 29, in time for the Christmas season – but it has now been put on hold indefinitely because of Apple's claim that the use of "pod" in the game's name violates a number of Apple trademark registrations.
In development for more than two years, Glupod is the first online video game that would allow players to turn in-game winnings into food for starving people in developing countries, help for endangered species and to help global warming.
"We're extremely disappointed Apple has chosen to take such a hard-line attitude against an effort that has the potential to do so much good," says Ioannis Tsiokos, MD of Something Inc, the company that developed Glupod. "No one's going to confuse Glupod with an iPod."