Mozambique's leading mobile phone operator, mcel (Mocambique Cellular), has launched 3G technology, a development that will improve the quality and speed of its service offering to its customers.

Initially only customers and visitors with access to 3G in Maputo city and surrounding areas will benefit from the 3G technology with services such as mobile broadband Internet, mobile TV, access to e-mail and other applications at high speed, mobile banking, 3D games and faster downloads of music and videos.
The $12-million investment by mcel, which was rolled out in the city and surrounding areas at the beginning of December, will ensure high quality service and open doors to new opportunities, services and benefits. The mobile phone operator plans to put into service 3G technology to the main urban areas in central and northern Mozambique during 2009.
This mcel development puts Mozambique into the company of a select few countries in southern Africa that now offer 3G, including South Africa, Angola and Tanzania.
Besides the investment in the 3G network, mcel has also made an investment of around $70-million in the improvement of its current infrastructure and expansion of coverage, having recently surpassed the 3-million subscribers mark.
"The objective of these investments is to strengthen mcel's position as the leader in the Mozambican market, in terms of market share, revenue, innovation and quality, which are fundamental elements of the operator's mission and strategic plan," says mcel CEO, Gomes Zita.
Mcel believes that this is an important step for the sustainable growth of its business because it is in line with  global trends of mobile telephony networks and will provide its customers with the very best solutions. In addition, mcel is investing strongly in the supply of access equipment such as laptops and modems, either free or heavily subsidized. This equipment will allow the mass usage of internet and reduction of the digital divide in the country, accelerating the development towards the fulfillment of the millennium goals.