As chip manufacturer AMD sets about its retrenchment of around 600 employees worldwide, a number of senior European executives familiar to the South African market have fallen under the axe.

Pierre Brunswick, who was AMD's vice-president sales and marketing for Russia-CIS, REE and Turkey, was instrumental in stabilising the company's operations in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa before the establishment of a permanent office in Johannesburg about 18 months ago. Brunswick was no stranger to distributors in the region, having began his association more than a decade ago when he worked for storage outfit Quantum.
One of Brunswick's superiors during his time with AMD in Africa, Herve Barcelo, has also succumbed to the dreaded "pink slip". Barcelo was AMD's director of Distribution EMEA.
And the latest casualty is one who made a profound impact on scores of partners whenever he visited these shores. Giuseppe Amato, technical director, sales and marketing EMEA, was what could only be described as an AMD evangelist and was credited with staging the most successful roadshows AMD has ever had in South Africa.
We can only hope that their successors will be cut from similar cloth and that South Africa doesn't fall off the map when it comes to AMD EMEA.