Ukash, a globally-recognised e-commerce cash payment method, has joined forces with PayFast to allow South African consumers to use cash when shopping at

The partnership expands the payment options offered by PayFast and gives the company the ability to process transactions from an increased number of South African consumers.
"We decided to partner with Ukash as they can potentially open up the world of e-commerce to unbanked and cash-based consumers in South Africa and internationally," says Jonathan Smit, MD of PayFast. "This is a great benefit to us and and increases our value proposition significantly."
PayFast is a payment collection service for South Africa that offers online consumers access to various payment methods. PayFast is a built-in payment option on
Ukash is a payment system which allows consumers to purchase online with cash using prepaid vouchers. These can be purchased at retail outlets around South Africa.
Once the voucher is purchased, consumers visit and select the item they wish to purchase. They then select PayFast as their payment option and are redirected to the PayFast website where they enter their Ukash voucher code to complete the purchase.
"PayFast is a payment mechanism that is expanding fast in South Africa," says Mark Chirnside, CEO of Ukash. "The partnership will enable consumers to access some of Africa's top shopping web sites, like, and make their purchases safely and anonymously."
Smit adds: "I believe Ukash has great prospects in South Africa and we will do our part to actively promote the use of Ukash. We hope that this partnership will speed the growth of both our companies while at the same time being beneficial to the e-commerce landscape in South Africa."