ISP Snowball Effect has debuted a new point-to-point wireless network that covers about 95% of the Cape Town CBD with a low-cost, rapidly deployed solution.

According to Snowball Effect CEO Eugene van der Merwe, the company recognised the need for companies with several outlets within the city centre and Western Cape to connect their branches.
"This was formerly only possible with a Diginet line, which is costly, has capacity limitations and can take months for installation. With our two wireless 'high sites', we are able to provide a link of up to 2Mbps between one location and another at a fraction of the cost. And we guarantee installation within two weeks," says Van der Merwe.
"The ability to connect locations cost-effectively means inexpensive communications over the point-to-point network. Whether it is voice or data exchange, the network allows such organisations to stay in touch, while area managers are able to get information from every branch quickly for analysis and reporting."
The network supports the concept of a virtual private network, providing companies with a secure link over which information can be safely transmitted. The network is also fully redundant.