Since inking an interconnect and wholesale agreement with Neotel, managed services provider Orion Telecom has been quick to sign deals with many of the country's top 250 corporates, including clients like Sasol, Metropolitan and the AA.

"We already have 25 corporate sites either installed or in the process thereof," says Jaques du Toit, MD of Orion. "We also have a further 250 pending sites that are currently awaiting the outcome of telecoms feasibility studies that are being undertaken in the regions where Neotel is presently operating."
He points out that the wholesale agreement will allow Orion to provide multiple services via the Neotel link, while offering these corporate clients a single bill and point of contact, in the shape of Orion.
"Unlike the case just a few years ago, where a client would have to have separate bills for cellular traffic, international calls and the like, Orion can now offer them a single bill for all the various telecommunications links they use, while still delivering comparable price and service levels to customers.
"Of course, Neotel also benefits from this deal, in that it gives them access to some 7 500 corporates that are customers of ours and with whom we work closely. By enabling Neotel to leverage our long standing relationship with these customers, they will be able to roll out quicker and thereby access even more customers," he adds.
"Most importantly, however, is the fact that the customers will benefit from Neotel's per second billing. Unlike the incumbent operator, which makes use of incremental billing, per second billing is anticipated to offer savings of between 20-30% on our clients' monthly telecoms bills – nearly double Orion's initial estimate of what such savings would be."
According to du Toit, Orion will also soon begin to terminate all voice traffic on Neotel's network. Currently, inbound traffic is terminated via Telkom, due to the fact that most companies are reluctant to change their business numbers.
"However, once the proposed number portability for landline networks is approved, I expect to see many big organisations make use of this option, as it will inevitably lead to even more savings for them," he adds.