PC shipments declined during the fourth quarter of 2008, although some vendors – notably Acer, Toshiba and Apple – posted increased sales.

Overall, PC shipments worldwide went down 0,4%, the first time since 2002 that figures have been negative. In the US, the decline was more noticable at 3,5%.
Even previously robust notebook sales were hit over the festive season, with laptop shipments down to a 20% growth from 40% durng the earlier part of the year.
HP's shipments declined 3,1%, while Dells' were down 6,3% and Lenovo's were down 4,8%.
Acer saw its shipments jump a massive 25,3%, while Toshiba recorded gains of 20,1%.
Acer saw even better gains in the US market, where shipments increased 35,8%, while Apple enjoyed 7,5% more sales in the US market.