The Nielsen Norman Group (NNG has recognised the global intranet of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) as one of the year's 10 best intranets.

In a report published by Nielsen on 5 January, the Intranet Design Annual 2009 reviews the design and usability of leading intranets and gives readers the opportunity to see best practices that are usually hidden by a firewall.
The report highlights trends and themes that are common to all ten winning intranets: from growing in-house intranet staffs, to more collaboration and personalisation within sites, to more strategic content-sites that go beyond simply housing the company directory and human resources policies.
The report gives an in-depth look into the Deloitte intranet and notes that the importance of this intranet  has increased in recent years as the organisation has evolved toward "greener" communications, with fewer printed materials and more emphasis online. The quality of stories-with a strong focus on people to engage readers-is also mentioned, as well as the site's many collaboration tools, such as blogs, message boards, and polls.
"The DTT intranet is a vehicle for knowledge sharing and seamless integration," says usability expert Jakob Nielsen, principal and co-founder of NNG. "Designers from across the organisation thoughtfully balanced the autonomy of groups and locations, while still answering the need for information sharing and a seamless interface across the entire intranet."
Jan Schaefer, director of DTT Communications, says that the key to a successful intranet is continually measuring the results, raising the bar, and looking to the future. "Our overall communications strategy is to continually improve the quality of what we deliver," she says in the report.
Beyond compelling content, it is also critical that the intranet is efficient and accessible for its users.  
"Most Deloitte professionals spend the bulk of their time at client work sites, so they need to utilise the DTT intranet as efficiently as possible," continues Schaefer. "You can put all the bells and whistles you want on an intranet, but it's critical that these resources are easy to use, and help professionals to do their jobs more efficiently."
Other organisations with top intranets this year were: Altran, Advanced Micro Devices, BASF SE, COWI Group A/S, Environmental Resource Management, HSBC Bank Brazil, Kaupthing Bank, L.L. Bean, and McKesson.