Yes, Barack Obama will be sworn in as president of the US tomorrow. And users should be wary of clicking on e-mail messages purporting to link to news stories that he's declined the honour – they're designed simply to infect their computers with malware.

The malware that will infect gullible and unprotected users has been identified by McAfee's Avert Labs as W32/waledac.gen.b.
"This website was not created by a joker. It is very professionally done," says Francois Paget on the company's blog. "It is protected by a botnet bringing into play the fast-flux technique."
Meanwhile, Obama himself seems to be intent on ignoring security warnings and plans to hang on to his beloved Blackberry.
In an interview with CNN, Obama says he plans to avoid being kept in a presidential "bubble" and will use the device to keep connected with ordinary people.
He says his Blackberry will make it possible for any citizen to interact with him.