Neotel has launched its multi-user data service Neoflex data, which will enable small businesses and high end consumers to connect multiple computers in their home or office environment to the Internet.

"We have been listening closely to the market feedback received since our launch last year," says Mukul Sharma, executive head of the consumer business unit at Neotel. "The launch of this service is our response to the feedback which asked for a data product for multiple users."
The multi-user device is an Axesstel MV420, a Rev A CDMA wireless router, with the ability to connect multiple users simultaneously, through either Ethernet or Wireless LAN.
The device also acts as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server which enables it to automatically assign IP addresses to the users connected to it.
According to Sharma, the NeoFlex data service has almost simultaneous uplink and download speeds, resulting in an enhanced user experience. These speeds would typically be between 450kbps to 900kbps downlink and 300kbps to 700kbps on the reverse link.
As with all of Neotel's consumer products, this is a wireless solution with its main advantage being that there is no need for lengthy installation times.
"In addition, this service can be used anywhere in Neotel's region of coverage, which means that users can open new offices or relocate existing offices in a quick and hassle free manner," explains Sharma.
The NeoFlex data service is available in two packages. NeoFlex 10G provides the customer with 10Gb of data per month for R699.00 including VAT, while NeoFlex 15G provides the customer with 15Gb of data per month for R899.00 including VAT. Both packages are inclusive of a recurring monthly device fee of R100.00 over 24 months.
"These packages are extremely cost effective and should easily cater for the Internet requirements of small businesses and high end consumers," says Sharma. "If customers reach their data cap, our out of bundle rates are charged at a nominal fee of 8 cents per Mb.
"With the 24-month contract you are getting the best of both worlds as you have the benefit of being able to pay off your device over the 24 months with no upfront payment required; however, should you wish to cancel your contract there are no penalties, you simply have to settle the outstanding amount of your device," he adds.
NeoFlex 10G and NeoFlex 15G are available immediately through Neotel's channel partner network.