Following his resignation late last year, former Hewlett-Packard SA channel executive Mark Perry has joined its most successful local partner – Aptronics – as sales director.

Perry had been at HP for more than a decade – the last 18 months as head of SPO – and has been in the IT industry since 1976.
His move to Aptronics is sure to surprise some as local vendor executives usually move between other vendors, seldom taking "the step down" into the channel.
"A move to another vendor was never really top priority for me," Perry says. "I had initial discussions with Cisco, but eventually scrapped that idea.
"My initial plan was to start a mobile business, developing a channel within a channel," he adds. "These negotiations were going extremely well and I was in final talks with the Spatial Technologies Group. However, at that time, Richard Blewitt, sales manager at Aptronics resigned to take on a new challenge at GijimaAst.
"Appie Pema, CEO at Aptronics, approached me to head a new sales thrust into the market.
"I have been in a fortunate position in the last year or so, where I was involved with over 150 HP Preferred Partners, and Aptronics has always impressed me with their delivery capabilities and their passion for customer service," Perry says. "Prior to my tenure at HP, I worked for a truly amazing company, namely Persetel, and this is the first time since those days that I have come across another company which has that same passion, agility, attitude and capability."