The National Energy Efficiency Agency, the organisation tasked with helping organisations use their energy resources more efficiently, has launched a PC power management tool, NightWatchman.

With the existing energy crisis, financial market fallouts and the pending energy conservation programme announced by Eskom, businesses are coming under increasing pressure to reduce energy and costs.
Technology in IT-centric organisations such as financial institutions and government represents a significant portion of the energy bill, with about 39% of energy being consumed by PCs and monitors, according to Gartner.
Powering off these devices overnight represents some significant cost savings, which is where NightWatchman comes in.
NightWatchman, available locally through sustainableIT, powers down PCs automatically, backs up any open unsaved documents during power-down and reports on energy and cost savings in the PC environment.
The tool provides IT with the ability to manage the power state of a device, both centrally and remotely, and gives IT and energy managers the opportunity to quantify savings and make a demonstrable effort towards savings targets established by Eskom.
A PC left on overnight could consume as much as 1000 kWh per annum – the equivalent of three fridge/freezers over the same period of time.
"We see innovative solutions like NightWatchman as a low-hanging fruit, particularly for corporate customers wanting to make a positive impact on the energy crisis," says Barry Bredenkamp, general operations manager of the NEEA.
He adds that one of the benefits of NightWatchman is its capabilities.
"Many solutions and energy efficiency initiatives we see do not provide management feedback and quantifiable savings. The solution we have procured from sustainableIT does exactly that. Being able to report on savings gives us the ability to optimise the solution and drive desired bahaviours in our energy savings initiatives."
An intitial NightWatchman licence fee is less than R200.00 per PC.
The NEEA will begin rolling out NightWatchman immediately and expects to see a 40% to 60% saving in its PC energy costs.