While unemployment is growing in the wider economy, South Africa is still facing a shortage of skilled IT workers.

Mahlako Hlakudi, CEO of Titan Trade Technologies, says it's almost a "dichotomy" that, while the country's president is warning of job losses and deepening poverty, ICT skills remain a scarce resource.
"More training is needed to boost our pool of ICT resources. Lots of efforts are being made in this regard, including from the government's side, but the skills crisis will not be remedied in the short term," he says.
President Kgalema Motlanthe recently told the media that South Africa has to face up to what he termed a bleak outlook "as there is no knowing whether the efforts by the developed world would prevent the global recession, or, indeed, depression."
Hlakudi comments: "These are sobering thoughts, but we must not lose sight of the fact that companies and countries who do not plan for the economic upturn will miss out on huge opportunities as they arrive.
"Companies need to carry on training to up-skill their employees so that when the market turns, and it will, they are ready to provide higher levels of service delivery to their clients. Training remains the core of building, and maintaining, a solid economy."