Orion Telecom can boast 226 sites in various government departments and a further 99 in municipalities across the country, with a combined annual turnover of more than R170-million.

The organisation has successfully reduced unnecessary calls and implemented services that have saved government in the region of 30% to 40% on communications costs in the past year alone.
"What is really exciting is that the savings that these public sector departments are experiencing are predominantly from cellular least cost routing (LCR). Once we extend the range of our services, we expect to be able to reduce their overall telecoms expenditure by up to 50%," says Jacques du Toit, MD of Orion Telecom.
He indicates that the services Orion will be extending to these various departments and municipalities includes telephone management services, new ways of communicating interdepartmentally – such as via SMS – and generally taking LCR to a new level thanks to the company's relationship with Neotel.
"Among the provincial government departments we work with are the Eastern and Northern Cape legislatures, and nationally we work with the SA Police Service, SA National Defence Force and the departments of Justice, Social Welfare and Correctional Services."
"We also offer our services to municipalities across the country, from Mafikeng to George, and the one thing that all of these customers have in common is the widespread abuse of the telephone system," says du Toit.
He says that Orion's telephone management services extend to helping to address this major issue in both local and provincial government.  While many of the departments had already implemented cost management strategies around the termination of non-work related calls, Orion chose to address the problem at its source.
"Although we are helping them to manage abuse of the system by initiating other communication options, we are particularly focused on managing where these calls originate," he says.
"By assisting these departments in drawing up and implementing a comprehensive telephone management policy, as well as helping them to work out exactly where the anomalies are at the end of the month, we provide a full service offering that enables them to drastically reduce costs."