Virtualisation market leader is expecting growth in the southern African region despite the economic slowdown.

Matt Piercy, recently-appointed regional director: Northern EMEA for VMware, says:" Our virtualisation platform has proven to do well in a tough economic climate for a number of reasons.
"Firstly, the return on investment (ROI) of virtualisation is compelling with companies seeing ROI in the first three to six months and not years. Secondly, the rising costs of energy as well as energy supply problems on the continent has resulted in organisations looking for ways to save energy and address business continuity challenges.
"Eskom has also announced that it will no longer be building a second nuclear power plant in SA which will place extra pressures on energy supplies in the region.
"Finally, chip manufacturers such as Intel and AMD are continuing to push ahead in developments of chipsets, however customers are increasingly unable to fully utilise such new and highly capable hardware, which inevitably leads to server sprawl. Creating a virtual environment eliminates the need to constantly provision new smaller servers, instead allowing users to create a data centre built around the very latest high power, small footprint servers."
According to Piercy these are just some of the compelling reasons fuelling the uptake of VMware's virtualisation infrastructure across the globe and in southern Africa.
He adds: "When economies pick up again and companies want to bring IT services back in house, with virtualisation and VMware it is simple to migrate from one environment to the other. Traditional fears around outsourcing are therefore allayed.
"The southern African region feels exactly like the UK market before virtualisation took off," he adds. "Feedback from customers and partners is positive and we will continue to outperform in the market and grow our revenues in the region. Over the last two years we have invested significantly in local market skills and partners to meet our growing customer demands."