The Maxum Business Incubator at The Innovation Hub has launched Femtech, a support programme for women, that aims to empower aspiring businesswomen to start up, grow and eventually sustain their own technology businesses.

Women will be selected on the basis of their business acumen and interest in technology. They will be identified from a list of opportunities that include energy issues; safety and security challenges; biosciences and ICT.
"Women are the largest source of untapped potential in Africa and this presents the best place to look for new business, growth and development," explains Dr Jill Sawers, manager of entrepreneurship at The Innovation Hub. "In order to find constructive and innovative new solutions that will grow South Africa's economy, it makes sense to create stimuli that will draw them into the mainstream economy."
Women in the Femtech Programme will operate from the Innovation Hub in Pretoria and will be assisted by professionals from the US-based Multinational Development of Women in Technology (MDWIT).