A common factor among companies that remain competitive and continue to successfully engage their markets is that they have in place software that promotes effective management.

This is particularly true of the small to medium segment says Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, a national provider of HR, payroll and time and attendance management software.
Schroenn believes that current economic conditions are forcing companies to adopt a more strategic and pragmatic approach to the systems and solutions they take on board.
The fact is that any credible solution or software package should be flexible and robust enough to adapt to a growing business she says.
"Growth today is critical for any operation that wants to sustain itself and, indeed, generate profit. Software is a given in virtually all modern industry and it is essential that it is a reliable resource that offers up a number of advantages such as automation, adaptability as well as serve as an effective conduit to all systems and processes in place. In a small business environment this is manifested in areas such as human resource development, payroll administration, time and attendance, as well as access control," adds Schroenn.
For example, a company that is experiencing growth and expanding would be in a position to increase its human resource compliment. This operation would utilise its software package and systems to adequately capture data, to offer simple and effective storage and retrieval of information, as well as fulfill all the necessary functions associated with a communication channel.
Software that is limited in its ability to account for or regulate people would represent something of a stumbling block for the business.
"The right software and solution integration has an immense impact on the quest to achieve harmony and propel the business," Schroenn concludes.