Shoppers frequenting The Foschini Group stores could soon have access to the latest touch screen technology and interactive kiosks to check the status of their accounts and browse the latest clothing ranges.

Mauro Mercuri, MD of Tactile Technologies, says the company is showcasing its technologies at The Foschini Group Store of the Near Future, a three-day event initiated by The Foschini Group (TFG) to display the readily-available IT solutions in the retail industry to its Board and trading managers in its various divisions.
"The Group is evaluating implementing Tactile Technologies' touch screen kiosks that will serve as virtual interactive sales associates or as self-service account information kiosks. This forms part of TFG's decision to use technology to grow turnover, increase customer satisfaction and curtail operating expenses," says Mercuri.
According to Mercuri, one of the solutions TFG aims to implement in addition to touch screen point-of-sale systems and account query kiosks is innovative interactive kiosk software developed by Tactile Technologies which features various leading clothing brands. Customers can browse through specific brand items and special offers that are available in-store and compile a complete virtual outfit. The system then suggests which items go well together according to style and the latest fashion trends and then calculates all the costs.
According to Eddie Dryden, senior manager: enterprise architecture at the Foschini Group, The Foschini Group Store of the Near Future is the result of a year-long investigation into the use and benefit of technology in a retail environment.
"For TFG, this initiative is about brand differentiation to create a differentiated position in the market. We also want to empower our sales associates to better serve customers which will result in improved customer retention. Importantly, we want to empower our customers to make informed decisions and increase customer satisfaction through the use of technology at our outlets," adds Dryden.
Mercuri says Datacentrix will coordinate the installation, support and maintenance for all kiosks and touch screens that are deployed country-wide.
"We are very excited to have been selected by TFG and to be part of this forward-thinking initiative. The selection is not only a result of the quality products we offer but also because of the knowledge and experience we have in-house to provide innovative solutions to the retail industry," he says.