Durban businesses will now be able to reap the benefits of significantly faster, higher capacity Internet connectivity with the opening of the eThekwini Municipality network to service providers.

MWeb Business is one of the first ISPs to offer connectivity to customers in the eThekwini Metropolitan area as a result of a resale agreement with the municipality.
Unlike traditional copper networks, the largely fibre-based eThekwini MetroConnect network will be able to offer far greater bandwidth – up to 1Gbps – and at rates significantly lower than the current incumbent copper-based telco offering. In addition, the cables are not vulnerable to theft, so will provide more uptime for users.
Herman Jansen van Rensburg, head of product management & development at MWeb Business says the service his company would offer is comparable to a leased line and will be used to provide connectivity from customer sites to MWeb's Durban point of presence.
"MWeb will offer bandwidth from 512kbps to 1Gbps, at rates up to 60% lower than the equivalent diginet line rentals currently available." he says.