For the month of February, Incredible Connection will take customers old technology off their hands, and give them discounts on new products. Where possible, the old products will be refurbished and donated to needy schools and charities.

The retailer is also starting a new programme this month called EnviroConnection, where it offers discounts on new cartridges and toners if customers bring the old ones in to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Partnering with EnviroConnection are HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Samsung, and Brother.
Incredible Connection is also offering an extended warranty product called Incredible Protection, which extends the manufacturer's warranty by a year and can be bought up to six months after the purchase of the PC or notebook.
"Keeping pace with technology involves incurring the expense of buying a new PC or upgrading your existing one relatively frequently," says Incredible Connection CEO, Dave Miller. "At the same, disposing of your outdated hardware is a challenge if you're environmentally aware.
"At Incredible Connection, we decided that because we make the products available we must also take responsibility for helping our customers dispose of them at the end of their lifecycle.
"That's why, in effect, we're rewarding customers for behaving responsibly towards the environment as well as giving them a chance to help less privileged people access technology. And, by extending normal warranties, we're helping customers extend the useful lives of the technology they buy from us."