Motlasi Nzeku, dismissed as Telkom's chief of operations on Friday, says the company's actions are malicious and he will challenge the decision.

Telkom announced Nzeku's dismissal in a terse announcement on Friday, stating only: "It is hereby announced that the Executive Committee of Telkom SA Limited has changed and that with effect from 6 February 2009 Mr Motlatsi Nzeku ceases to be a member of the Committee."
However media reports allege that the action was related to corporate governance issues and hint at a file, prepared by Nzeku, alleging misconduct by CEO Reuben September.
Telkom denies these reports, or that the file is due to be discussed in a board meeting tomorrow.
Nzeku's laywers are expected to bring an application before the CCMA (Council for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration).