It seems that Facebook may have paid $65-million to a company that accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of using its idea in the launch of the social networking site.

Apparently both parties agreed to keep quiet about the payout, but a law firm let the news leak in an advertising brochure.
Last year, two of Zuckerberg's former college roommates, founders of ConnectU, opened a suit against Facebook.
They alleged that Zuckerberg had been hired by them to write code for their social networking site while they were at Harvard.
However, the claim that Zuckerberg took the code and used it to launch Facebook the following year.
The case was settled out of court, with Facebook agreeing to buy ConnectU, but the terms were edited from court documents and both parties agreed to confidentiality on pain of multi-million dollar penalties.
The $65-million came to light in a brochure printed by ConnectU's lawyers.