iBurst has announced significant tariff reductions on its WiMax product offerings effective from February 2009. The reduced pricing will benefit all existing and prospective iBurst subscribers.

iBurst pitches its WiMax service as a wireless alternative to leased line and ADSL services and offers connectivity to small, medium and large businesses. The initiative will have multiple benefits for businesses including lower broadband costs, free installation and an improved quality of service.
"iBurst has witnessed a marked uptake of broadband services by SMMEs. The growth of our country is largely dependent on the growth of the SMME sector and from a telecommunications perspective, we will do everything we can to support that," says Steve Briggs, executive head: commercial at iBurst.
"As a network agnostic provider, iBurst is able to recommend and sell products tailored to the unique needs of any organisation," he adds.
iBurst WiMax is available on a month-to-month or 24-month contract with the hardware charges being included in all 24-month contracts.
As part of the special offer from iBurst, subscribers signing up for any new 24 month iBurst WiMax package between February and April will not have to pay for installation fees.