Quintica, South Africa’s first and, until recently sole distributor of Marval Software’s integrated IT Service Management solution (MSM), has responded to the news that Marval SA has entered the market by welcoming the second distributor.

However, while Marval SA erroneously claimed to be the sole distributor of MSM, Quintica CEO Ingo Tuschardt asserts that Quintica has in fact fulfilled the distribution role since 2005.
"We’re pleased that Marval SA has entered the market as the second distributor; it is testament to the value which Marval Software’s solution can add to South African businesses," says Tuschardt. "Quintica however, does and will continue to promote MSM."
Tuschardt notes that a dual distributor policy is favoured by most vendors. "A second distributor is good for customers. Not only does it broaden Marval Software’s market presence but offers business choices in service, support and backing from any one distributor," he says.
It’s also good as it encourages a healthy level of competition between the distributors themselves. "A monopoly is never good for any market. We expect to be kept on our toes by Marval SA," Tuschardt confirms. "But we’re confident of our value proposition; we have sound relationships with the vendor and end-users."
In fact, he believes there is plenty of space for Marval SA. "With a second distributor in place, the market for MSM is likely to grow. The fully scalable nature of the service management solution ensures it is ideal for all sizes of organisations and sectors," he says.