As a result of the election date having been set for Wednesday 22 April, the first round of the South African Computer Olympiad has been changed to Thursday 23 April.

The date for the second round remains unchanged at Friday 22 May.
The South African Computer Olympiad is one of the oldest and largest competitions of its kind in the world.
It aims to identify, encourage and reward programming aptitude, promote and encourage computer studies; and create an awareness of the career opportunities in IT.
The first round is an aptitude test to identify candidates who should consider a career in ICT.
The paper in this round can be answered without a computer. It consists of general knowledge questions on ICT and pen-and-paper programming tasks, such as writing a program to guide a robot through a maze.
Many schools use the first round to give guidance in subject choices and career options.
Selected participants from the first round are invited to attend computer courses and science camps.
Each participant must have access to a computer for the second round and they may use any programming language generally recognised as such – C/C++, Java, Pascal, Python and Delphi.
The best 10 to 15 participants countrywide from the second round will be invited to participate in the final round in Cape Town on 26 and 27 September 2009.
The competition carries R100 000.00 in prize money, with an additional R100 000.00 from Mark Shuttleworth for the top six contestants using Python in the final round.
Four of the top participants will be selected to represent South Africa at the IOI 2010 in Canada.