Bytes Document Solutions has appointed Document Support Centre as its exclusive Zimbabwean distributor.

Document Support Centre has recruited Xerox technical and sales staff from Harare, all of whom have received certified training from the Xerox Training Centre in Johannesburg.
"For more than three decades, Xerox products and services have been delivered to educational institutions, large commercial and financial enterprises in Zimbabwe," says Rob Abraham, MD of Bytes Document Solutions.
"During this period Zimbabwe has often experienced difficult trading conditions and foreign currency shortages. Despite this, Bytes Document Solutions has ensured that Xerox users in Zimbabwe have had access to competent technical support along with spare parts and consumables, often at its own expense.
"We are optimistic that the socio-economic conditions in Zimbabwe will now start improving. Zimbabwe will begin to regain its former position as a modern, prosperous African country. With this in mind, we have upgraded our support structure to do what we do best: helping our customers do great work by constantly leading in document technologies, products and services that improve our customers' work processes and business results."
Document Support Centre has invested in a significant amount of stock to support the current and future Xerox base in Zimbabwe, and has a secured supply of stock through Bytes Document Solutions in order to grow Xerox's presence in the country.
"Our intentions are clear," says Abraham. "We intend via Document Support Centre to be the premier document solutions company in Zimbabwe, delivering on our promise of helping our customers do great work."