O-Tel is the latest entrant into South Africa's booming telecommunications space, offering nationwide coverage and promising a telephone line for just R99.00 and calls as low as 45 cents per minute.

"O-Tel says it can provide anyone within Telkom ADSL or Vodacom 3G coverage with a telephone line for R99.00 (excluding VAT) per month with no contract necessary," according to CEO Mohammad Patel.
The company promises business and residential subscribers tariffs as low as 45 cents per minute (excluding VAT) for local calls to Telkom numbers and per second billing from the first second for local calls. International calls will be billed by the minute.
In additiona, O-Tel says it will offer a 24-hour turnaround time for both telephone and Internet connections.
"The available opportunities within the South African telecoms market right now are phenomenal," says patel. "ICASA has to be commended for finally issuing i-ECNS licenses so that innovative companies can step up to the challenge of reducing the country's historically unaffordable telecoms costs."
O-Tel became a licensed national telecoms operator after receiving its individual Electronic Communication Network Services (i-ECNS) license from ICASA late in January.
The telecommunicatins company is able to offer a nationwide telecommunications service from day one because subscribers connect either to the Vodacom 3G network or Telkom's ADSL network to make calls or surf the Internet.
O-Tel supplies subscribers with proprietary wireless routers called O-Boxes and they can buy their own choice of standard telephone handset.