MTN, as Africa's only 2010 FIFA World Cup global sponsor, has kicked off its World Cup campaign with the slogan: "We can't wait: Let's go 2010".

The company is expecting the event to boost mobile content services, and has been investing in infrastructure to ensure it can bring rich media to its customers across Africa and the Middle East.
CEO & group president Phuthuma Nhleko says that what happens after the event is just as important as during the World Cup.
"We have invested in a lot of infrastructure and deployed 3G networks for mobile content," he says. "We have also invested R200-million in two major undersea cables."
Nhleko adsd that the event should leave a legacy of infrastructure for the economy, while demonstrating that South Africa is capable of hosting an event of this size.
"The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa will be a huge boost for the South African economy, contributing in excess of R50-billion to our GDP – and we will have benefits that will go beyond 2010 with an indirect impact that is likely to be more significant for our economy in years to come."
MTN has spent $65-million on its sponsorship, the biggest investment by a South African company.
"It has exclusive mobile content rights, and MTN customers around the world will be able to select packages via the MTN Loaded portal.
MTN has also signed up Michael Essien, who plays for Chelsea and captains the Ghana soccer team, as its 2010 associate.