Spam isn't just a nuisance – it can lead to cybercrime, and affect companies' bottom lines.

McAfee analysed the costly effects of spam on businesses in its monthly Spam Report, and some of findings from February include:
Spam isn't just annoying – it costs companies a lot more than they think and could lead to increased incidences of cybercrime.
These are some of the findings from McAfee's monthly Spam Report for February, which found:
* Spam costs businesses an average of $182 500.00 per year, based on companies with 1 000 employees;
* The cost to businesses is about $41 000.00 for every 1% of spam. So, if a company's spam filter only provides 95% protection (versus 99% protection), its bottom line would be adversely affected.
* Spam is expected to increase by 20% in March, which is typically one of "spammiest" months of the year.
* Storage costs increase as well, as companies must deal with unwanted e-mail.
* In February, the "replica watch" spam took the number one spot for most persistent holiday spam, peaking at 20% of global spam volume.
"Spam is costing companies more than they think – it affects the bottom line, and can lead to cybercrime," says Jeff Green, senior vice-president of McAfee Avert Labs.  "It's more important than ever that companies protect themselves from the threats of spam."