The first ever "live" video betting service is being launched in South Africa, and will allow sports fans to watch events on their phones while simultaneously placing bets.

Telecommunications company Atlantic Convergence has launched the system which will allow horse racing fans to call a number which will let the video content of the race be directly streamed to a 3G phone in realtime using the C3 SeTeCa video gateway platform.
The broadcast feeds come directly from Tellytrack, a TV channel owned by racing and tote betting company Phumelela, in a round-the-clock service.
As the first cross-network, off-portal "live" interactive video service, broadcast feeds are compressed and resized to be viewed on the small screen.
Graham Finbow, director of Atlantic Convergence, says: "We are very excited about piloting this new service. Sports streaming is virtually limitless. It can be expanded to cover other sports events such as football, cricket, rugby including live and highlights packages.
"There are already over 40-million mobile phones in circulation and at least 1-million are 3G-enabled, so there is great potential for our client to increase their revenue base," he adds.
"Essentially the service works when callers watching the live streaming content, call to access Phumelela's existing voice betting service. They then return to the "live"
video commentary when they have completed the call.
"TellyTrack broadcasts all national races and has access to coverage of major race meetings overseas, including the UK. The new 3G video application means Phumelela will be able to provide "live" race coverage and betting services to their customers 24 hours a day, without being dependent on them having access to a TV."
Customers wishing to try the service will need a 3G phone on either the Vodacom or MTN network, and 3G signal must be present. They should dial 0839000822 and press "Video Call". This will show the race being run. By pressing 1, the audio channel will connect to the Phumelela betting call centre where a bet can be placed. Once the call centre releases the call the TellyTrack audio feed will return.