The world's first global directory goes live today, with tens of thousands of .tel domains launching on the Internet.

Telnic is the registry operator for the new .tel domains, which provide individuals and businesses with a way of sharing all types of contact information with any device connected to the Internet.
"This is a momentous day for the company as eight years of development has come to fruition," says Henri Asseily, CTO and chief strategist at Telnic. "We're delighted to be delivering something that will push the boundaries of communications and the internet to the next level, putting the power back into the hands of the individual when it comes to using and sharing contact information."
Businesses and individuals are now logging into their own .tel domains, enabling them to store contact information, keywords and location information, which is then published to the Internet quickly and securely without needing to build a web site.
Asseily adds: "This fundamental change in the use of the Internet will break open the ability for anyone to now own a domain and be found from any device. This is the biggest innovation to hit the Internet and communications and it seems fitting that we have achieved this on the 133rd anniversary of the first use of the telephone."