As part of a new customer-focused strategy, on and off-site information and records management company Metrofile has undertaken an extensive rebranding exercise.

The decision to reposition the company through branding comes after customer feedback prompted Metrofile to ensure its brand is more reflective of where the business is headed to in the future.
"Metrofile is well placed to take advantage of growth opportunities in the marketplace and therefore we felt the time was right to reposition the business," says Peter McLaren-Kennedy, sales & marketing director at Metrofile.
"The core business is doing well with significant expansion of our facilities currently underway. This provides us with an excellent platform from which to expand and diversify our service offering, and from which to build our technological capability.
"We also believe the time is right to take a stand on the environment and to begin greening our business as well as playing a greater role in the development, health and welfare of our people and the communities in which we work."
The undertaking, which started little under a year ago, has included the beefing up of the marketing department with key appointments as well as a company-wide restructuring of the sales and marketing effort.
To date, the team has worked on repositioning the brand by way of a new look and feel, one to better reflect a company doing business in the 21st century, as well as the building of messaging and collateral to support the sales effort.
A long-term project, Metrofile has set about restructuring its sales and service function ensuring greater market coverage and better support of existing customers. A three year training programme has been put in place to support the change and to ensure that sales and service staff are equipped to provide customers with quality advice and guidance on the management of their information and records.
"Metrofile is a strong brand with a good reputation amongst in the market, however as the market leader we understand that need to continually innovate and to improve the products and services we supply," says McLaren-Kennedy. "Maintaining that position means that we need the best staff in the industry and we need them to think out of the box, to be resourceful and smarter not only in the way they work but in the way we look after our customers.
"Conversely, we need customers to be thinking inside the box, to take a closer look at what Metrofile has to offer as there is much more to us than simply the storage of records.  To do this we need to create a business and services that are accessible, easy to understand and a sales effort that understands and is driven by the needs of our customers."
The company has already rolled out a number of internal programmes to support the project, launched a new web site, revised its corporate identity, and begun the task of developing and further tailoring its products to meet customer demands.
"Looking ahead we need to continue researching the market, ensuring we are on top of our customer's requirements, and that we always have the best facilities and technologies available in the market.  The business landscape is a competitive one and with our new view and position, Metrofile is now ideally placed to deliver the best services available in the market," McLaren-Kennedy says.